Power Play: Be merciful rather than vindictive

It was true in the New Testament and it’s true today. The powerful are merciful when most of us would choose to be vindictive.

Someone screws up and our first instinct is to stick their head on a piñata and kick the crap out of them. That’s taking the low road.

The powerful grow their influence by showing mercy. They know that flogging the guy who made the boo-boo is a complete waste of time. And some pretty low-rent behaviour too. What’s required is mercy. That’s what we call the high road.

Once emotions have settled down, powerful types can then decide what action needs to be taken on the one who screwed up. Maybe drastic action, maybe nothing. Either way, mercy and compassion are characteristics of the truly powerful. They remember to walk a mile in other people’s shoes and they also remember that everyone is entitled to a mistake or two. Fixing it is what matters.


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