Power Play: Bored means you’re boring

Power Players never say ‘I’m bored’. Why? Because they firmly believe that people say they who are bored, are actually boring themselves.

Power Players are OK with being called a lot of things. But boring isn’t one of them. They’d rather be called a bad out loud word than boring.

This is mainly because Powers Players know that interesting people seek out other interesting people and are magnets for each other.

Power Players procure a decent percentage of their power from coming across as engaging, always fascinating, sometimes enthralling but never boring.

If you find that you are bored, take a lead from Power Players.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself interesting again. Get a new hobby. Read more. Do something a little unhinged: whatever it takes to feel like life isn’t passing you by.

Never be in that mental place where people think you’re boring.


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