Power Play: If you don’t have style, buy it

There are Power Players who have a natural flair for style and there are others who suck at it.

The ones who are no good at dressing well and looking good don’t give up. They simply buy the style they need. They enlist a tailor or somebody to go shopping with them and to help them buy the right wardrobe for their body shape and job. Or they go to a great stylist who can recommend a new haircut.

Style matters. Whoever preaches that ‘it’s only what’s on the inside that matters’ is full of hooey.

Style tells the world that you have good taste and a discerning eye. What you wear matters too. It always has and it always will. Even the grungy-dressing rock stars are making a point.

Power Players know that if you don’t feel like a million bucks (usually because they don’t look like a million bucks) the day will be a lot harder to handle. Stop being noble about this; the superficial matters. Make peace with it and address it.

Put that hard-earned money to good use and look as good as you can. Make people wish that they had that suit or that dress or that outfit when you walk into a room. Own it and feel good about yourself in the process. It really does work.


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