Power Play: Buy the plane ticket for a 15-minute meeting

Power Players are outstanding at taking the minimum amount of time to make the maximum impact.

A Power Player lady, with whom I work, flew to Perth and back (from Sydney) in one day for a fifteen-minute meeting.

Everyone in her organisation thought she was nuts and yes – to the ordinary observer the meeting would have looked like a long shot.

But the potential client was incredibly impressed with the effort, commitment and respect demonstrated.

Power Players know something you don’t: if you believe in it enough, no decision is too crazy.

That two and a half thousand bucks on airfare and the money on cabs and time invested was the best time and money this lady Power Player ever spent.

It became the crossroads piece of business for this lady’s business and proved to her entire team than fifteen minutes is all that’s needed when you believe in what you are doing.


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