Power Play: Choose the road less travelled

Power Players know that Robert Frost knew what he was talking about. Nine times out of 10, the road less travelled does indeed make all the difference.

Obvious roads lead to obvious endings. Generic begets generic. Some of my favourite Power Players have greatness in them because they naturally choose the road less travelled. By taking this road they open up their whole world.

Potential magic, adventurous paths, crazy opportunities and the luck that comes with being courageous are only possible when taking the road less travelled.

Each of us is given a whole bunch of chances every day to take the road less travelled. Power Players get pretty comfortable with the path that’s less familiar. They also find it to be infinitely more interesting. And a whole lot more rewarding.

The next time you’re faced with two roads take a lead from Power Players. Choose the one that’s less travelled. Though it might be unexplored and unpredictable, it may lead you to the most interesting place ever.


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