Power Play: Confidence is gold

Power Play: Confidence is gold

Power Players radiate a kind of confidence that is incredibly attractive. Not the sort that is arrogant, but the kind that makes you feel like everything is under control.

Aspiring Power Players work on their confidence game because they know that confidence is a critical ingredient when leading a team. People in that team need to believe that their power-playing leader knows what he or she is doing, because we all like to follow people who know where they are going.

Many of us worry that if we flex our confidence muscle we’ll come across as smug or cocky, but being a confident, articulate and decisive Power Player isn’t about being smug – it’s exactly what is required to become a well-regulated leader.

Start exercising your confidence skills today and get used to sounding authoritative and speaking up when it’s time to lead. No great Power Player ever got to the top by being shy or coy, and indecision is a highly unattractive quality in any would-be leader.

The story

The confidence thing at work is obvious, but the confidence thing in a relationship or family is harder.

My best girlfriend has three kids under the age of five and she goes about her day with a great sense of calm and fun. Her confidence is a beautiful thing to watch and I honestly believe that her kids feed off this vibe.

If you don’t know what you are doing, how can anyone else have faith? For my friend it comes down to knowing she is a great mum. She is amazing at it and this self-belief is enough to fuel her through the really tough days.


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