Power Play: Is it time to create a vacuum?

Power players know that when you create a vacuum in your world, it has to get filled with the very thing that’s missing.

The best example I have is from a Power Playing CEO who was struggling to infuse some energy and flair into his management team. Rather than gently cajole his marginally-talented head of strategy to do better and be better, he fired his lazy arse and created a vacuum.

As they were without a strategy person, others in the management team had to step up to fill the vacuum and in the process, one of the more junior members of the management team started to show her considerable talents, was given more room to run and became perhaps the best head of strategy the company has ever seen.

Creating a vacuum is a hidden-gem Power Play that the most experienced players make. It is an act of courage and an act of faith and if you want people to step up, it’s definitely worth a try.


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