Power Play: Don’t heckle

There’s a reason comedians hate hecklers. It’s cruel and dumb and shows an inferior mind.

There’s a big difference between some gentle, good-natured teasing and plain old heckling. Don’t do it. It’s demeaning and it’s usually symptomatic of a lot of passive-aggressive crap.

It’s also self-serving. Power Players don’t seek attention, like children; attention comes to them because they have something worth saying. Resist that terrible urge we (all) sometimes have to heckle.

Take a lead from Power Players who can feel a bitchy comment rising up inside them. Instead, they grab a glass of water or doodle something on their notepad until cooler heads prevail.

Remember this: it’s always easy to heckle from the cheap seats. You’ll regret it when you do. Every Power Player worth their salt will tell you exactly the same thing.


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