Power Play: Don’t presume what’s important to another

Power Players don’t presume to know what goes on inside somebody else’s head. What’s important to you could be absolutely meaningless to another.

If something matters to you, it doesn’t automatically mean everybody else should care too.

Power Players get to know over time what matters to the people in their circle. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know someone well because you spend a good deal of time with them. You see them every day and all of a sudden you ‘get them’.

Power Players are careful not to fall into this trap. It takes a really long time to know what makes someone tick and Power Players are great at building these relationships slowly.

The flipside of this is that when you do get (a little bit) inside someone’s head, it’s fantastic knowing what they rate as important. And they’ll be forever grateful that you never presumed to ‘know them’.


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