Power Play: Don’t try to reform

Power Players (like the rest of us) come across people they want to fix. It’s a terrible trait we all share. The saviour complex: the guy who drinks too much, the person who drops the occasional racial slur, the woman who complains about the glass ceiling without doing anything to change it.

Power Players have learnt over time that not only is this type of thinking incredibly arrogant, it’s not their job to go around saving people. No matter how much they get the urge to reform people, they step back when they get close to overstepping the line.

Power Players also know that the only time you can help someone who has real issues to address, is when they come right out and ask for it. And even then, it’s only as much help as they request and never more.

Power Players do their best not to judge, especially when they come up against someone with serious problems: booze, drugs and worse. These problems are highly personal and incredibly touchy to raise, not to mention a political and litigious minefield to address. Power Players know this and play it completely by the book: as should you.


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