Power Play: Eat humble pie

Power Players make peace with that awful instinct which forces us all to be as arrogant as we can for as long as we can.

Get comfortable with eating humble pie from time to time. For three reasons: humility is a dying art and it keeps your ego in check, it’s a very attractive quality and will win you respect, and finally, it is the fastest way to put a major disaster behind you.

So take the cake server and learn to slice yourself a big piece of humble pie.

The added benefit is that Power Players live by the adage of leading by example, and if they are willing to play the humility card then everyone else in their team is encouraged to do the same.

The next time you scheme some way of blaming someone else, or mount that high horse of yours, or avoid the problem all together in hopes that it will go away – stop. Eat some humble pie and it will all be over. And what’s more, you’ll be respected for having the courage to so.


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