Power Play: Eccentric isn’t a dirty word

Power Players embrace eccentricity and the people who exhibit these fantastic qualities. Why? Because the long and short of it is this: eccentricity suggests the ability to see the world through unique eyes. And that level of originality is priceless.

To a lot of people, eccentric is a dirty word. It’s like calling someone ‘interesting’, which is code for crazy and unlikeable. Of the seven billion people on this planet, most seek to belong to a clique or tribe or group. The eccentrics don’t try to belong because they’ve made peace with the reality that they never will.

Power Players seek out the eccentrics and bring them into their world. Because they’ve often spent a lifetime on the outside looking in, eccentrics possess a much more interesting and enlightened view of the world.

Being a little bit odd, unconventional, and unlike others in the room is a precious gift and Power Players see it this way.

They don’t run from strange and they don’t surround themselves with conventional and predictable. If you’re smart, you’ll follow suit.


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