Power Play: Everything comes at its appointed hour

Speeding to the finish line doesn’t always make things happen sooner. Often, it makes not a lick of difference. Why?

Because everything comes at a time of its own choosing and in its own way and at its own hour. If the world could be controlled in such a manner, we’d all have exactly what we want at exactly the time we want it. Nobody would suffer from bad timing and every event would happen neatly and happily.

The world would be without drama and probably pretty boring, too. Power Players know better than this. They know that things come along when they are meant to and that it helps to have just a little bit of faith in the order of things and in the universe. If it is meant to happen, it usually does and all that anyone can do is stand back and let it happen.

Power Players are very good at standing back and letting it happen. You should become good at this, too.


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