Power Play: Exert your power in ways unseen

Players get a lot of stuff done without anyone ever knowing.

Power in the shadows is the most effective power there is. Underneath the radar, sight unseen is what the smart Power Players do. Why? Because they know they can manoeuver so much more quickly away from the spotlight.

What matters to Power Players is that they have it: not that people see them wield it. You know you’re truly powerful if very few people know it.

It’s always the puppeteer who pulls the stings behind the show who has the power.

There is a great deal more you can accomplish when nobody is watching. People love to watch and even more, love to gossip. Away from prying eyes is good and Power Players do whatever they can to stay under the radar.

Exert your power in ways unseen. It’s smart business. Always is and always will be.


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