Power Play: Getting to really know yourself is real power

Most of us don’t really know ourselves very well. We think we do but when it comes down to it – not so much.

Power Players put time and effort into getting to know exactly what they want, what they don’t want and what matters most. They also work out what they are willing to give up and what they will fight to the death to protect.

The reason Power Players invest so much time into getting to know who they really are is because it makes their lives so much easier to live.

If you’ve done all the hard work upfront, when it comes to making the big decisions, it ends up being pretty easy.

Take a tip from Power Players: don’t sidestep the “get to know thyself” conundrum. Do it first, do it early and do it for real.

When everyone is struggling to work out what their moral compass should be, you’ll be 50 steps ahead of the game. 


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