Power Play: Give every employee a chance to blossom

Each day entrepreneur Rose Herceg presents a how-to power tip that challenges the typical Machiavellian theories of power. This is the Power Playbook: your quick-fix guide to influencing people – in a good way.

Some of the greatest talent started off pretty wobbly. And many of the greatest Power Players can remember that one person who gave them a chance to really blossom when the rest of the jury was out.

Power Players give every single one of their employees a chance to truly blossom.

Most people (when given even half a chance) step up to the plate and impress.

A Power Player I admire greatly once gave me the best advice when it comes to giving people a chance: “Most people, when given the space to show they can step up, rarely disappoint.”

The worst management types practice doubt and pessimism. They rule out the possibility that fresh meat can blossom and they rarely have the guts to take a chance on every single employee.

Give everyone a shot at being better. Everyone.

The greatest Power Players will tell you that when they gave their unlikeliest candidates the chance to blossom, they were stunned beyond words. In a good way.


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