Power Play: Give feedback on the spot

Each day entrepreneur Rose Herceg presents a how-to power tip that challenges the typical Machiavellian theories of power. This is the Power Playbook: your quick-fix guide to influencing people – in a good way.

Power Players are terrific at incorporating feedback the moment it’s required. Not stockpiling or waiting for that so-called appropriate moment that may never come.

Power Players know that helping good talent become great talent is the way to keep the best minds around and it’s also the right thing to do.

If you intend on becoming a real Power Player, seize every opportunity to give constructive advice to those who seek your guidance and counsel.

The trick here of course is to do it with kindness and tact. Giving feedback gently is a talent that the best Power Players hone early on in their careers, and they know that the best lessons happen in the moment.

On the spot feedback is gold and Power Players will grow a loyal team who seek their help and incorporate their lessons into their daily work. On the spot is where it happens.


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