Power Play: Give great email

Power Players are the greatest email givers this side of the information superhighway.

Whether it’s pith that’s required or a cracking one-liner, Power Players send the most fantastic emails.

You know you’re in the presence of a Power Player if someone has one of the Power Players’ emails printed out and stuck on their wall.

The usual sign is that they write their emails in headlines. Smart, wry, funny and warm. If email scares you or if you shy away from the medium, start practising now.

The best email I ever got from a Power Player contained one word: “freak”.

I emailed an important document at 3am that had been written in one night and that was the response I received. Perfect. Funny. Warm. And a little bit admiring.

Power Players keep the emails short and funny. Ditch the War and Peace stuff. And get erudite and pithy. It will elevate you from a ‘potential’ to a ‘sure thing’ Power Player.


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