Power Play: Great talent needs great willpower

Talent alone is for naught. An extraordinary dose of willpower is needed in order to see that talent realised.

Power Players often veer on the side of good old-fashioned hard work, rather than talent alone. And this is what makes them great.
In fact, if you asked most Power Players if they could only choose one – willpower or talent – they’d choose willpower every time. Why? Because every great player has one story about a hugely talented person who was lazy and ended up nowhere.

Sometimes Power Players have to will something into existence. They have to drag it along kicking and screaming because talent alone won’t get the job done.

Power Players always allow for the possibility that talent can sometimes act as a smokescreen, making everything feel like progress is being made but in fact nothing is really getting done. The doing is always painstaking and takes great willpower. Talent alone is rarely enough.


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