Power Play: Guard your reputation with your life

Though Power Players don’t dwell on how they look (and are perceived) by the outside world, they do guard their reputations with their life.

What takes a lifetime to create takes a day to destroy. The thing is, though, that they focus on doing good work and they let the reputation take care of itself.

See your reputation the way a Power Player does. It will be built if you do the right thing, work hard, be faithful and fair: and do your best never to cut the wrong corners.

Reputation is a strange concept. It’s a bit like pornography: you can’t define it but you know it when you see it. And all of the very best reputations are built one small accomplishment at a time.

But remember this most of all: good work is only a small part of the equation. Good character and kindness makes up the better part of reputation. Remember that always.


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