Power Play: Guard your reputation with your life

Rose Herceg /

Though Power Players don’t dwell on how they look (and are perceived) by the outside world, they do guard their reputations with their life.

What takes a lifetime to create takes a day to destroy. The thing is, though, that they focus on doing good work and they let the reputation take care of itself.

See your reputation the way a Power Player does. It will be built if you do the right thing, work hard, be faithful and fair: and do your best never to cut the wrong corners.

Reputation is a strange concept. It’s a bit like pornography: you can’t define it but you know it when you see it. And all of the very best reputations are built one small accomplishment at a time.

But remember this most of all: good work is only a small part of the equation. Good character and kindness makes up the better part of reputation. Remember that always.


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