Power Play: How to be completely available while remaining a complete mystery

This is one of the great magic tricks of Power Players today.

The really good ones can seem completely open and accessible yet you never really get inside their head. It feels like you’re close to them but you never really are.

Mystery is powerful and intoxicating – as is the feeling that someone is opening up to you and letting you in. Power Players are very shrewd in using this tactic and you can learn something from them.

Mystery can be very powerful in business and being completely available doesn’t mean you have to bare your soul to your team. Private business is exactly that: private. And there’s something to be said for keeping your most private thoughts to yourself.

So much of our life is taken up by work. But it should never define who we really are. There will soon come a time where more mystery is the preferred model.

All that disclosing on social media and all that sharing in public takes away the richness and rarity of special information.

Learn this very valuable lesson early on in your career.


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