Power Play: If a flaw worries you, put it in plain view

Rather than hide their flaws, Power Players put it out there in plain view for all to see. They understand that the energy and time it takes to hide that flaw could be better spent on something that matters.

One of the most successful Power Players I know had a terrible flaw in the form of interrupting others when they spoke.

At the beginning of every meeting he would tell people that he had a terrible case of ‘speakus interruptus’ and if he interrupted someone mid-sentence, he told that person to tell him he was doing exactly that, and to continue speaking until they finished that thought.

He also told the room that he was working on it and wanted to apologise in advance.

He bravely put the flaw out there in plain view, owned up to it being an ungracious trait and it no longer became something that everyone could judge him on.

It was an interesting tactic and highly effective. Give it a shot yourself.


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