Power Play: If its looks wrong, call it

Power Players can sort out right from wrong in less than a second. Less than half a second, in fact. When it’s wrong, Power Players call it immediately.

They don’t give it oxygen to breathe or room to run. They know that if they do this, something wrong can turn into something sort-of-right. And sort-of-right is still wrong.

Many a stupid idea has been backed because someone with power didn’t have the guts to call it a dumb idea. Many an untalented person has been given the lead on a project because someone with power didn’t have the guts to fire them.

If the idea is wrong, if the person is wrong (indeed, if the fiancée is wrong), call it. Power Players do. Because they don’t want to spend the next two years of their life trying to make it right. Watch and learn from the best. It will save you some serious pain (and heartache).


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