Power Play: If it’s wrong you’ll do it badly

Power Players know that when it’s wrong, it will usually be done badly. Whether it’s coincidence or karma, or indeed a sign from the universe, wrong choices are even more damaging because they will be executed disastrously.

Power Players know that when it is right, the steps required to make it happen tend to fall into place naturally: a series of events that line up and clear the way for an easy process.

Take a lesson from this: if you’re doing something badly (despite your best efforts) and you can’t seem to get it right, is it a sign that the decision you’ve made is wrong?

Perhaps it’s the time to take a step back and see the bigger picture and reassess whether the decision is a sound one. You can always nip your decision in the bud and change directions. This is much better than continuing down a road that you know is wrong.

If it’s wrong, you’ll do it badly. And it’s an excellent sign that perhaps it’s time to reconsider the decision.


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