Power Play: Kindness is power

The word ‘kindness’ doesn’t seem to be a natural bedfellow for ‘power’. But it’s your quickest and shortest route to getting there: small kindnesses, giant kindnesses and those that are in between.

Power Players always keep a kind word and a kind gesture when it’s most required. It’s a lost art form in this cold and mean world and many in positions of power still mistake it for weakness.

But it’s not: it’s the ultimate strength. Power Players also get creative with their kindness. Sometimes it’s in the form of a few words, sometimes it’s in the form of a coffee for a colleague, sometimes it’s in the form of a ride home and sometimes it’s saying absolutely nothing at all when silence is required.

Kindness is underrated and old-fashioned. The next time you’re up against the wall, follow the Power Player lead: be kind.


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