Power Play: Know what success really costs you

Power Players have an uncanny understanding of the price of success. If it costs you your dignity or your friends or your relationship, then it’s too high a price. Success is one of those funny words that sound great in theory, but in practice is something else altogether.

Know what you’re willing to trade or give up in return for success. Most of us don’t ask ourselves this important question until it’s too late. We think we’ve got it under control and we think we’ll be comfortable giving up whatever it is we need to give up in order to get the gold star.

By the time we’ve worked out that we want to turn back because the price is too steep, it’s too late.

Power Players take a good, long look at what success will look like after the fact. Will they be able to live with the trade-offs they’ve made? And are they absolutely sure?

Make sure you ask yourself these questions before you go chasing your success story.


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