Power Play: Know what you want

Once a very lovely Power Player asked me a very simple question: “Do you know what you want?” The way she said it and the way she eyeballed me stopped me in my tracks.

She told me that very few people know what they really, truly want and even fewer can articulate it in a simple sentence of well-chosen words.

I never believed that was true until recently. Power Players almost always know what they want. They are resolute.

Secure in the knowledge that because they know exactly what they want, they can create some type of a solid plan to get there.

Always ask yourself what you want. This is the hard part. Once you’ve worked this out, the way to get there tends to slowly formulate.

Ask yourself with regularity exactly what it is you want. You’ll be amazed at what falls out of your mouth. The best Power Players also know the answer to this question.


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