Power Play: Know when you’ve won and don’t bring it up again

Power Players never gloat. Winning is only sweet when you don’t make others feel bad about losing.

Power Players also have this square in their heads: every time you win, you increase your odds of losing the next time around.

It’s difficult not to succumb to the proverbial ‘victory lap’ where you bask in your success and toast to your talent and genius. It’s better to spend the time gearing up for the next challenge.

Power Players know it’s not their job to praise and celebrate their own success. It’s their job to take that success and use the momentum it created for the next job or the next project.

I’ve often listened to the power-seeking wannabes who re-live every second of their win because they fear it will be the only win they ever have. Power Players let it go (and yes they probably remember it fondly on tough days) and they gear up for the next big thing they need to do.


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