Power Play: Learn when to stop

It might sound simple, but knowing when to stop is pretty hard to do. Push too far, too fast, and whatever it is you’re trying to achieve falls off a cliff.

Don’t push far enough and the whole thing falls short. It’s a tricky, tricky skill to master and Power Players know exactly when to stop.

And the way they learn? They pushed a few things (or people) off a cliff. You’ve got to get it wrong (quite) a few times before you know when.

It’s like driving a manual. You only find that mid-point in your clutch after you’ve stalled it a few dozen times. But once you’ve mastered it, you rarely stall again.

Invest the energy and the time to finding your own ‘stop-point’. Once you’ve found it, you’ll rarely push too far (or not far enough) again.


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