Power Play: Learning to let go

We can spend a lifetime holding on to the things that bother us. The energy it sucks up is too frightening to think about.

Power Players are fantastic at letting things go. If they can’t fix it, change it or control it, then it belongs in the ‘letting it go’ category.

We decide what we fixate on versus what we dispose off psychologically. This is an incredibly powerful statement about your ability to leave behind anything (or anyone) that is unhealthy for you to carry around.

If we could all do this, we would be a great deal more powerful for it. Imagine the time and energy we’d save if we left the detritus where it belongs: in the past.

The next time you let go of the hurt that comes with a failure or a damaging experience, feel heroic about it.

Power Players know that it is one of the most powerful things they can do.


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