Power Play: Let it fall apart

Power Players know when to let it all fall apart. Whether it is a bad idea, a dumb strategy or clumsily-assembled plans, sometimes the best course of action is to let it die a natural death.

The reason Power Players sometimes let it all fall apart is that building something out of the ashes is far better than doing a patch-up job on something that sits on a shaky foundation.

Don’t make the mistake of building something on shifting sands. If it isn’t solid and real, it’s better to let it all burn down. Once the embers have been extinguished, then you can build all over again.

This is an incredibly valuable lesson to learn from shrewd Power Players: if it isn’t working and it feels like pushing on the ocean, then let it die a natural death and let the dust settle.

Once it’s all fallen apart and people have let go of the ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ trope, then it’s time to build anew.


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