Power Play: Lose the trash talk

Power Players keep a very civil tongue. This goes hand in hand with avoiding all malicious or salacious gossip.

Power Players lose every little bit of trash talk because trash talk is exactly that: trash. This is much harder that it appears to be.

Most of us (in the heat of the moment) love to sink to trashy levels. We can’t help it and, frankly, many of us enjoy it. Most of us usually put it down to blowing off some steam.

Real-life Power Players find other ways to blow off steam … playing Xbox or taking boxing classes. But seriously, Power Players know that two minutes of trash talk cancels out all the good and noble stuff that has gone before.

Learn from the best and keep a civil tongue. No matter how much it kills you. Leave the room. Take a walk around the block.

Just lose the trash talk. Because Forrest Gump said it best: stupid is as stupid does. And trash talk is stupid.


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