Power Play: Love is power

Hatred takes away your power. Love emboldens it. Feeling love fills you with gratitude and hope and faith. Power Players know this and they look for ways to love something rather than loathe it.

They also remove the things from their life that cause friction and unhappiness: anything that will result in joylessness or desperation.

This is an incredibly smart strategy because Power Players know that that the more they include things in their life that add something joyful and fulfilling, the more chance they have to live a life with purpose.

This all adds up to the four-letter word called love. It isn’t hokey and it isn’t cheesy. It’s strengthening and enabling and the combination of these two words is powerful.

Love is power. So look for ways to add some love to your life – in all its forms: love of people, love of nature, love of pets, love of poetry, love of anything and everything that brings you joy. 


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