Power Play: Make it look effortless

The best Power Players make everything look effortless. And here’s how they do it: They don’t fall into the trap of heavy-handedness. Everything they do has a light touch. From the way they say hello to the way they eat their lunch.

I once watched a serious Power Player scrape the entire side of his car along a concrete pylon when parking. He’d simply misjudged the distance. His reaction? “Well that was entirely predictable”. My reaction? “Oh my goodness, that’s bad!” His? “No, that’s insurance”. Even when trashing his own car, he maintained an air of effortlessness.

All you have to do is levitate above the situation. Rather than be in it, see yourself and the entire scene from above. That’s how you make it look effortless. It’s a gift. It’s a talent and it will help you more than you can possibly imagine.


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