Power Play: Make “triple checking” the new normal

If they are relying on a statistic to tell a story, Power Players only quote the stat when it’s been verified by three sources.

Power Players know that “triple checking” in the new normal in business. Not once, not twice, but three times.

A lot of information gets passed around, the concrete sets quickly and it becomes fact. Often times it’s not. If it all hinges on the facts, make absolutely sure they are right. Don’t accept a near-enough statistic as good enough. Why? Power Players know there is a unique confidence that comes with knowing no one can challenge the facts.

On top of that, any ideas or strategy developed off the back of that fact is solid. “Solid” is rare in business these days and Power Players look for any chance to delver the solid.

And the added bonus? Every time that Power Player quotes a fact, people who hear it can take it to the bank. And that’s solid gold too.


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