Power Play: Money is power at its most liquid

My dad always used to say: money isn’t everything but try living without it.

This is why Power Players always keep a little of the green stashed away. A wad of cash can grease the wheels in ways talk sometimes can’t.

And for all the talk of a cashless economy, it’s handy to have some lying around.

I was recently part of a group who went out for a few drinks with our international clients. The clients had heard of some new club they wanted to check out and none of us is a fan of the 3am dance club brigade.

Nevertheless, the Power Player in charge of this little shindig took us to the club and greased the palm of the barrel-chested bouncers so that we could avoid the 45-minute wait in line.

Money sometimes really is power and it talks. Do what Power Players do and keep a few crisp 20s, 50s and a 100 in your hip pocket. It will come in handy.


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