Power Play: Never be a cheapskate

Carry cash in your pockets at all times. Meeting for a coffee with a colleague, client or worker-bee? You pay. And don’t expense a three-buck coffee. It makes you look cheap and small.

No one with any class ever let the other guy pay. Especially someone who makes a lot less money.

The best advice I ever got? Cheapness travels. Cheap in the pocket? Probably cheap of character too.

Generosity seems to be a dying art. If you do pick up the tab for a peep you work with, don’t laud it over them. It’s not a favour to be repaid – it’s a courtesy you’ve extended. No quid pro quo.

You gotta start having a more relaxed attitude to money. Holding onto it too tightly is a bad habit. Not picking up the tab for the odd incidental expense is poor form.


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