Power Play: Never give a sword to a fool

It’s an analogy for medieval times, but it’s useful in today’s world nonetheless. Power Players are careful not to give weapons of mass destruction to fools who can do serious damage.

Some people should be kept away from the things they can’t handle – speaking in public, going to a fancy dinner with booze, babysitting complicated clients who like to extract gossip from them.

Don’t put your people in the line of fire if they can’t duck the bullets. Power Players have excellent judgment and know exactly who to place where.

This is about understanding the talent you possess in your organisation, and how best to exploit it.

Don’t hope for the best. If you’re unsure about people and what they can handle, don’t take unnecessary risks when there is a lot riding on it.

Many a great Power Player has been embarrassed by a fool in the room who should never have been there is the first place.


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