Power Play: Never underestimate the power of stupidity

Everyone alive has, at one time or another, done something incredibly stupid. This is why Power Players never underestimate the power of stupidity.

The ripple effect of a stupid act can be felt long after the stupidity is over. And that’s because most stupid acts have a shelf life 10 times longer than they should.

Sometimes stupidity needs to be ignored and sometimes it needs to be dismantled.

Power Players know the difference between the two requirements. Stupid words and stupid ideas don’t always go away on their own. They sometimes need to be shoved off a cliff and buried permanently.

Take a stupid idea. Unless it’s called out as a stupid idea and put to rest, it can linger like bad cologne. It can fester and take on a life of its own which is why smart Power Players call out stupidity if and when it’s warranted. You should learn to do the same.


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