Power Play: One justice can overcome 1000 evils

Doing one (big) right thing can overcome one thousand small evils.

It’s a matter of knowing where the justice deserves to be dished out. There are small evils that occur every day and challenging them won’t make much difference at all.

But there are huge injustices that must be addressed and corrected and this is what separates the Power Players from everyone else. When something happens that is truly heinous or incredibly unfair, Power Players do whatever they can to fix it. They don’t turn a blind eye because they subscribe to the belief that all evil needs to do to succeed in this world is for good men (and women) to stand idly by and do nothing.

Justice is a big word and should be reserved by big deeds. And it takes smart, capable Power Players to know the difference between the small injustices that make little difference and the types of injustices that change the course of lives. Know when to stand up and be counted. 


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