Power Play: Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

Power Players know this fear by heart. They know that inadequacy isn’t the enemy: it’s knowing that we have great and momentous power within our grasp.

This realisation is tough for even the most courageous Power Player to accept. Why? Because it removes the excuses we all throw around when we say that things are beyond our control.

The truth about life is that there is a lot of stuff within our control. Once we face this fear head-on, our power grows exponentially. Genuine Power Players come to grips with this truth early and deliberately.

Rather than run from this truth, they embrace the knowledge that so much of their lives (both professional and personal) are exactly within their control.

Don’t like their job? They change it. Don’t like the way they handle conflict? They address it? Don’t like the way their partner makes them feel? They fix it or end it. Don’t like their hair? They cut it. Yes. You are powerful beyond measure. 


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