Power Play: Pessimism never won any battles

Pessimism has no place in business – or, for that matter, in life today.

It doesn’t help. It makes you lose before you’ve even started and worst of all, it’s a rather unattractive quality. Finally, it gives you crow’s feet and makes you look (generally) miserable.

If you, by nature, are a dark and gloomy soul, then shake it off! Go see a hypnotherapist, go to the gym, get the endorphins kicking in – do something to lift that black cloud.

Even Power Players know that it’s easier to fall under the spell of pessimism and go over to the dark side. The problem is that is makes everything much, much worse.

Do what Power Players do: if you catch yourself moving into a moody, broody mental place, start daydreaming. Any dream that is light and fun. Dream that you are lying on a beautiful beach with those drinks that have little umbrellas.

Look across the room and see your client as a person who wears tracksuits on the weekend. Shake off the unhappy ending by forcing yourself to smile.

These small tricks can take your pessimism and turn it on its head to give you that moment of optimism where your whole mood changes. Give it a shot.


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