Power Play: Philanthropy is part of your job

Natural Power Players see generosity and philanthropy as part of the job. What’s the value in having power unless you can do some good with it?

We’ve already covered off the lesson of the Power Player picking up the tab but this Play is more about donating money when it’s required and making sure that the business has enough decency and heart to support a worthy cause.

Power Players always have enough heart to build some philanthropy into the mix. Giving (though it feels good and it does) isn’t about being a do-gooder. It’s about reminding all the people who work with you (or for you) that there will always be people whose lives are much, much harder.

Power Players know that when they stop seeing the world through other people’s eyes and when they start seeing only their own lives, they lose their gratitude and they forget that there is always a much bigger picture.

Power Players know that life is rather short and it’s much sweeter when they can use their powers for good. Make time for philanthropy. But don’t make a big deal out of it. That’s the Power Player Secret Handshake Code of Conduct.


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