Power Play: Plan all the way to the bitter end

Power Players get into the habit of making plans even when they’d rather turn up at Hannibal Lecter’s house with a bottle of Chianti.

Planning for the uncomfortable, or even the truly terrible, is the great strength of any genuine Power Player. It also demonstrates enormous character.

If things look likely to go off the rails, Power Players run toward the disaster rather than away from it.

They figure that if things are heading down a road they cannot avoid, better to reach that fork first and to plan all the way to the bitter end.

Power Players have an internal fortitude that stops them from becoming classic avoiders. If the wheels are going to come off (and there’s nothing they can do to stop this from happening) they plan for it so that they can at least minimise the train-wreck that awaits them.

If a bitter end can’t be avoided, Power Players know a good plan can at least absorb some of the heat.


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