Power Play: Power is when you’re justified in ending someone …

Pure power is when you’re presented with the chance to kill someone’s career (and 99% of the world would agree with you) and you don’t.

It’s powerful because it’s benevolent and you’ve avoided the temptation to fire the person (and teach them a lesson) simply because you have the power to do so.

Power is sometimes doing nothing at all. It means you’ve looked beyond the moment and through to the other side and you’ve kept your power (and revenge fantasy) in check. You’ve placed your humanity above your desire to punish and you’ve given the person a chance at redemption and to clean up whatever mess they have created.

This is more than taking the high road. This is recognising that you are putting power into the hands of the person who perhaps least deserves it but now has a chance to do something magnificent with it: to use that second chance wisely and to never let it happen again.


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