Power Play: Power never shows off

Power Play: Power never shows off

Power doesn’t go in for grandstanding. Power doesn’t prance around the paddock like a show pony.

Power doesn’t wear sequins and power doesn’t have a neon sign over its head. We all have great moments in our lives of which we should be proud. We should be proud if we have achieved something noteworthy.

But there is a big line between feeling proud and bragging about the achievement.

No matter how much the temptation to do it, never show off. Not only will it tempt fate (karma can be tricky at the best of times); it will make you an easy target for anyone who was never a big fan of yours to begin with.

In times of victory, Power Players enjoy the moment but they move on to the next. If there is any talking to be done about their success it comes from someone else.


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