Power Play: Power never takes a back step

Power Players know that if you’re on a roll, you need to keep rolling! Never take a back step and never retreat.

Momentum is very hard to come by and those last few steps that get you across the finish line usually come about because of the momentum and sheer energy of the first couple of hundred steps.

Power Players know that if you’re lucky enough to have some of that momentum, not to give it away too cheaply. Take full advantage of it and revel in it. Don’t stop yourself when the tide is flowing your way.

These moments are all too rare and Power Players know this. Many a great leader has stopped their own progression because it all somehow seemed too good to be true. Sometimes it is true and Power Players shouldn’t look this particular gift horse in the mouth. Neither should you.

Never take a step back when every sign in the world is telling you to charge.


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