Power Play: Real power is leaving a little on the table

Power Players never suck all of the power out of the room.

Real power is leaving a little something on the table. It says many things. First it says that you’re not greedy. It also says you’re not needy. And finally, it says that your ego isn’t the size of Texas.

Truly great Power Players don’t need to flex their power muscle and decimate the competition. Even when the opportunity arises for a Power Player to assert their power so overwhelmingly, they never do it. It’s ungracious. It’s undignified and it’s bragging. It’s like eating everything that’s put on the plate. The classy people always leave a little something on the table – or eat just enough to be satiated but not full to bursting.

It’s a little weight management (and power management) tip only the classiest Power Players know.


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