Power Play: Reinvent yourself before the market does

Power Play: Reinvent yourself before the market does

Power Players have an incredible sixth sense for knowing when to do a Madonna. They are experts in personal reinvention because they know that keeping an edge helps them to keep their power buzz going.

Power Players know what most of us suspect – that we should evolve ourselves before others find us predictable, repetitive and, worst of al, dull.

Even when Power Players reach a lofty place, they never lose sight of the fact that they also need to evolve. They never know that if the market determines they are past their use-by date, they are toast, and it’s their job to make sure they never get there.

If it is time to change you modus operandi, do it before you are obsolete. Reinvent brand ‘you’ if you have to. Power Players do this all the time.

The story

This story isn’t about work at all. But it is about reinvention.

A woman I admire dedicated the first part of her life to work and more work. The world saw her as all work and no play, no private life. The concrete had set. And then all of a sudden she reinvented herself, unleashing her knockout body on the world and starting to date up a storm. She fell in love, got married and then decided to change careers altogether.

Total reinvention, and totally terrific.


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