Power Play: Why you should admit when you’re wrong

Admitting to being wrong takes a great level of self-assurance and confidence.

Why? Because you can’t hide behind ego and hubris, and Power Players know this. Being human means being wrong at least half the time. Most of us pretend like we’re never wrong, or worse we try to blame someone else for our mistakes. Power Players know that being wrong is liberating. It also creates an enormous level of trust within any team. Because if you admit your mistakes most people will trust that you know what you are doing when you say you’re right.

Power Players also know that it’s better to admit being wrong before getting found out. It takes class to admit it first before someone else calls you on it. These days, so few people come forward when they’re wrong. When someone does it, it’s refreshing.

Now don’t misunderstand: this Power Tip doesn’t advocate crying or being pathetic in disclosure, just a simple statement of fact: “I got it wrong”. So when you know you’re right, people trust that you will be.


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